Jikishinkage Ryu Kashima Shinden.

Weapons : kenjutsu odachi, kodachi and naginata jutsu there are more weapons.
Date: founded : late fifteenth or early sixteenth century.
Founder : Matsumoto Bizen-no Kami Naokatsu, 1467 – 1524.
Present headmaster: No single recognized headmaster, the current representative of the Odani-ha is Iwasa Masaru
Prefecture : Chiba

The Jikishinkage Ryu practiced at the Kashima Shrine, it was initially known as the Kashima Shinden Ryu.
A variety of different types of weapons are used, including an extremely heavy furibo and an especially a large bokuto used in a set called hojo, for spiritual and stamina practice.
The Jikishinkage Ryu also uses a fukuro shinai and a katana, often a live blade Odachi and Kodachi they where just by every practice.
Jikishinkage Ryu techniques often appear to be very simple, but in fact it’s very extremely sophisticated inner technique kokyu (breathing) and kiai two most imported elements in the Jikishinkage Ryu, with the goal of psychologically dominating an opponent. A particularly Jikishinkage Ryu unusual technique is, that both practitioners ending on one leg, every demonstration of the Jikishinkage Ryu will perform with this kata with a real katana. It’s showed the superb body control and the exact distance in the technique of the Jikishinkage Ryu with a naginata or a katana in a fight.

Tendo Ryu Naginata jutsu.

Weapons : ken jutsu, naginata jutsu, jo jutsu, kusarigama jutsu.
Date founded : November 21 1582
Founder : Saito Hangan Denkibo Katsuhide
Present headmaster : 16th soke Mitamura Takeko
Prefecture : Kyoto

The founder of the Tendo Ryu Denkibo came from the Prefecture Ibaraki near Chiba Prefecture. He practice and studied the Kashima Shinto Ryu under Tsukahara Bokuden. The last hundred days of his pray and meditation session Denkibo dreamed that he received a massaged on a scroll explaining Makoto No Michi, the way of sincerity. He interpreted and explain his dream to others “The Way of Heaven” Ten Ryu the Tradition of Heaven. Later it’s change in Tendo Ryu “The Way of Heaven”.
The Tendo Ryu kata preformed all the movements in a real combat, every moves of your opponent you have to be applies with a logical moves. The Tendo Ryu Naginata Jutsu technique is the most effective technique in combat. The most characteristic technique in Tendo Ryu are; Egurizuki spiralling thrust, Kasane uchi crossing the legs and striking from above unwinding the legs and using the power of the hips and go fore the next movement example Zuki (thrust), Kuruma (circular slashing), Kozui Ken (cutting true the human body). If you break your naginata you can just the e-bu like a Jo. The Tendo Ryu have in the weapon system Jo Jutsu techniques.

This is a short history about two naginata Ryu what I practice.


A. Raboen